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Advanced Antistatic Agent for BOPP HBS-A400

HBS- A400 Antistatic Agent Chemical description: Alkyl(C12-C14)bis(2-hydroxyethyl) amine Synonyms: Cocobis(2-hydroxyethyl) amine Molecular weight : approx.288 CAS No. : 61791-31-9 Specifications: Color (Pt-Co) : 150 max. Tertiary amine content(%) : 97.0min Melting point(℃) : approx.10 Water(% )...

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HBS-A400 Antistatic Agent

Chemical description: 

Alkyl(C12-C14)bis(2-hydroxyethyl) amine
Synonyms: Cocobis(2-hydroxyethyl) amine
Molecular weight  : approx.288
CAS No. : 61791-31-9


Color (Pt-Co)  : 150 max.
Tertiary amine content(%) : 97.0min
Melting point(℃)  : approx.10
Water(% )  : 0.5max  

Appearance, 25℃ :clear, almost colorless liquid
Flash point(Cleveland open cup,℃) : approx. 193  
Solubility  : Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, chloroform and other organic solvents.   Packaging: 

The standard packaging is 180kg net in a steel drum. A full pallet carries 720kg  net. The packaging meets international regulations. Delivery in bulk is also  possible.


It is recommended to stored the product in a dry place at 25℃ max, avoid direct sunlight and rain, upending is forbidden. Prolonged storage over 60℃ can cause some discoloration. Please avoid touching it directly,if it touch your skin, just  wash it by water.

Shelf life: 

Should remain within the specification limits at least one year after production,  provided it is properly stored.


HBS-A400 is a vegetable based saturated-alkylbis(2-hydroxyethyl)amine of high  prrity and low color. HBS-A400 is an internal antistatic additive that can be used  in various polymers such as PE, LDPE, PP, SAN, ABS and HIPS. HBS-A400  gives sustained antistatic action and is especially effective in film applications due  to its relative fast migration because of its relative short chain.
HBS-A400 is a liquid at ambient temperatures and can be dosed directly into the  polymer by using a single or twin-screw extruder. Pigment or color concentrates should be mixed with the antistatic agent prior to extruding. Premixing ensures uniform distribution of HBS-A400 in the resin while HBS-A400 acts as dispersion aid to the pigment color concentrate.

After being mixed into the polymer HBS-A400 continuously migrates to the surface of the finished product where it provides excellent antistatic performance.Due to its relative low molecular weight, HBS-A400 is a relatively fast acting antistatic agent. The saturated alkyl chain gives HBS-A400 a good thermal  stability, which makes it especially well suitable for application needing higher  processing temperatures. The low color makes HBS-A400 specially suited for  more demanding applications.

Some indication for the level applied in various polymers is given below:
Polymer  Addition level (%)   

PE  0.1-0.3
PP 0.1-0.3
PS 2.0-4.0
SAN 1.0-2.0
ABS 1.5-3.0
HIPS 1.5-2.5      

Safety and health: 

HBS-A400 is non-toxic, approved for application in food indirect contact packaging materials.

Yongsheng Chemical, established in 1995, is specialized in advanced antistatic agent for bopp hbs-a400. As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are also equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Please rest assured to buy our high quality and effective antistatic agent.

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