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Antistatic Agent for PP Drum PP Injection HBS-207B

HBS- 207 B Antistatic Agent Chemical description: Nonionic surfactant complexes Specifications: Acid value(KOHmg/g): < 2.0 Melting point(℃):60±5 Moisture content (%): ≤ 1.0 Characteristics: Appearance, 25℃: Off-white to Light yellow pellets. Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol,...

Product Details

HBS-207B Antistatic Agent

Chemical description: Nonionic surfactant complexes


Acid value(KOHmg/g): < 2.0
Melting point(℃):60±5
Moisture content (%): ≤ 1.0


Appearance, 25℃: Off-white to Light yellow pellets.
Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, chloroform and other organic solvents.


The product is packed by inner plastic bag, and external kraft bag, net weight is 25kg.


It is recommended to stored the product in a dry place at 25℃ max, avoid direct sunlight and rain. Prolonged storage over 60℃ can cause some lump. It is no dangerous, according to general chemical for transport, storage.

Shelf life: 

Should remain within the specification limits at least one year after production,provided it is properly stored.


HBS-207B is a good internal antistatic agent for polyolefin. It gives good antistatic performance while used in PE,PP drums and also act on lubricating and release the mold. HBS-207B can used alone or mixed with other antistatic agent from our factory , and gives the surface resistivity to 108~1010Ω.The antistatic agent can be added into resin directly, and the dosage is 1.0~3.0% or prepared 15%-25% content antistatic matrix to combine with blank resin to get a better effect and homogeneity.
Some indication for the level applied in various polymers is given below:
Polymer  Addition level (%) 
PE 1.0-3.0
PP 1.0-3.0

Safety and health: 

HBS-207B is non-toxic, approved for application in food indirect contact packaging materials.

Yongsheng Chemical, established in 1995, is specialized in antistatic agent for pp drum pp injection hbs-207b. As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are also equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Please rest assured to buy our high quality and effective antistatic agent.

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