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Antistatic agent and plastic compatibility

Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016
Source: Antistatic agent and plastic compatibility

Internal mixing type antistatic agent for compatibility between the plastics have direct effects on plastic antistatic effect. Compatibility very well, due to Intermolecular antistatic agent migration difficulties and increase the dosage will affect other properties of plastics. Compatibility is poor. Anti-static agent easily precipitated plastic surface, causing excess seeps, which not only affects the appearance of the product and process performance, and shorten the duration of antistatic. Therefore, in actual use. Requirements of antistatic agents with moderate compatibility with the plastic, plastic antistatic agents on the surface of dissipated after the internal antistatic molecules that can seep surface, thus restoring antistatic properties.

When using an external coating, if the compatibility good. The anti-static agent easily to plastic internal migration. Antistatic agent content reducing the surface, would also reduce plastic antistatic effect. Antistatic agent and compatibility of Mc nylon on antistatic molecules to migration has a significant impact on the surface, good compatibility, poor mobility, wants to reach a certain concentration on the surface, you must increase the amount of added, dealing with other aspects of nylon performance adversely. Antistatic agent for friction causes the surface layer defect, resulting in decreased antistatic properties, is not conducive to practical application. Conversely, if the poor compatibility, antistatic agent will within a short time from seeping through the surface lot, a "sweating" or "frosted" phenomenon, making surface greasy once the surface by rubbing or washing, you will soon lose antistatic. In addition, antistatic agent mobility under the influence of morphology of polymer, nylon polymer, anti-depressants, sowing mixed into the polymer in the amorphous regions of molecular, molecular dispersion.

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