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Antistatic agents for plastics

Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016
Source: Antistatic agents for plastics

As we all know, has good electrical insulation properties of plastics, which are widely used in all areas of industrial production and daily life. High resistivity of the plastic surface often make it prone to accumulation of static electricity, thus giving rise to dust a shock or sparks negative phenomena such as discharge, is not conducive to the processing and use of plastics. Such as plastic film used in the processing of crimp and glue by static electricity, computers and other electronic products from the use of electrostatic damage wreaked by the plastic housing, and so on. Ranging from a variety of quality problems, which can also cause accidents such as fire or explosion. Therefore, the plastic antistatic issue has aroused people's attention.

Can block electrostatic accumulation of material called antistatic agent, antistatic agent for synthetic, both can prevent electrostatic of produced, and can makes fabric easily to dirt; for fuel, oil, can improve oil of conductive rate, in high-speed pump conveying and the filter Shi prevent for friction up electric caused fire; for plastic, can elimination plastic of electrostatic, prevent plastic adsorption dust and effect products of transparency and surface beautiful, prevent movie film sucking dust and effect show quality; and people in plastic floor Shang walking, for friction makes human charged, So that when people come into contact with other objects and given electric shocks.

Plastic antistatic treatment methods, such as mechanical method, control method as well as physical and chemical modification. By doing the first two methods are equipment or environmental conditions, and therefore widely used antistatic agent added chemical modification methods. About antistatic agent added to the resin or paint on the plastic surface, so as to reduce the surface resistance of plastic products rate, alleviate or shattered plastic in the processing and use of the accumulation of static electricity.

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