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Effect of other factors

Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016
Source: Effect of other factors

The ambient temperature is high, plastic chain molecular motion more intense and antistatic agents migrate to the surface, antistatic effect of relative humidity in the air. Plastic antistatic properties are also possible. Therefore, if a plastic surface with a thin layer of water, will be able to play the role of leakage of static charge in addition, antistatic agents and other additives in the plastics will also affect the interaction between its antistatic properties. Antistatic agent and lubricant added, antistatic agents and inorganic flame retardant compound used must be taken into account, such as the interaction between them.

Generally, effects of polymer antistatic property of antistatic agents are the main factors of table activity, add and compatibility with resin etc. Adequate concentrations of anti-depressants, there must be a corresponding amount. Added weight is too low, antistatic effect j dosage Chamber of Commerce affected the physical and mechanical properties of the material, so you should find a high antistatic properties of critical content. For a long time maintained antistatic properties, should be slightly higher than the critical content to supplement the MC nylon before {HotTag} static monolayer on the surface defects.

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