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Ideal antistatic agent should have the following conditions

Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016
Source: Ideal antistatic agent should have the following conditions

1.the antistatic effectiveness and lasting;

2.good heat tolerance in the processing of high temperature (120~300℃) or under repeated thermal processing without decomposition;

3.and plastic, of compatible sex moderate, in mixed refining and melting processing Shi can and resin good of compatible, forming Hou not obviously spray cream precipitation, but antistatic agent and resin also must has must of not compatible sex, to guarantee Dang surface of antistatic agent molecular layer by damage Shi, internal of antistatic agent can timely precipitation, formed new of molecular layer, recovery anti-electrostatic effectiveness; not affect processing performance (such as melting point and viscosity, solubility, etc) and properties (such as transparency, color, printing, thermal resistance and mechanical properties);

5.good compatibility with other additives, non-antagonistic effect;

6.odorless, tasteless, without irritation to the skin;

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