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Other effects of additives

Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016
Source: Other effects of additives

Polymer processing, often want to add some stabilizer, pigments and plasticizers, lubricants, dispersants or flame retardants and other additives. These additive interaction with antistatic agents will have a great influence on antistatic effect.

Anionic stabilizer can form complexes with cationic antistatic agents, thereby reducing their effect. Lubricant can usually quickly migrated to the polymer surface, inhibited the transfer of antistatic agents.

Molecular layer of lubricant on the molecular layer of antistatic agent, will reduce the surface concentration of antistatic agent, significantly affect the anti-static effect, sometimes due to the influence of lubricant, antistatic agent will also promote transfer to the surface.

Plasticizer will increase the distance between the chains, make it easier for molecular motion, improves the porosity of polymers, to migrate to the surface play of antistatic agent and antistatic effect. Some plasticizers reduce the glass transition temperature of the polymer, can also make anlistatig effect increases.

Inorganic additives such as dispersing agents, stabilizers and pigments, typically has strong adsorption capacity, making it difficult for antistatic agent migrate to the surface, diffusion reaction of antistatic agent, antistatic effect will be worse.

Most inorganic additives are fine particles, with a larger surface area, adsorption of antistatic agent, so that it cannot be effectively antistatic effect. Pigment particles are easy enrichment around the antistatic agent, which spreads out. For example: the same antistatic agent after adding titanium dioxide in concentrations of ABS, antistatic effect reduced. Absorption of different inorganic fillers of different impact on antistatic effect is not the same.

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