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PE antistatic agent

Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016
Source: PE antistatic agent

PE antistatic agents, are used to compare a wide range of non-ionic surface active agent – Glycerin acyl esters, ethyl amines.

Monoglyceride class

At present the A129, monoglyceride in the country, but between them from both a technical and use effect, the gaps are very large Ciba croda A129, and distilled Danisco level 18 carbon content of Monoglycerides are higher than 60%, the former is better. Home MD-level MONOGLYCERIDES, carbon 18 about universal carbon 18, 40%, and, somewhat less thermal stability, generally 120 ° C-150 ° c or more, easy oil. Many indicators which are involved, not only is a component problem. Import the A129, antistatic effect of polyolefin products in plastic, surface resistivity values between 10 8-12, lasting 8-12 months.

Ethoxylated amines

There are animal fats, vegetable oils, such as purification of synthesis of amines. Total components are amine epoxy adduct, but some special ingredients to add, directly affects the substance of the technical indicators, and a quality product. At present, this product is quite common, price gaps are very large. This directly affects the quality of a product to use the anti-static effect of persistent problems. As a product of the rarely used alone, usually with the A129 or ester compound use, synergies, so as to achieve the advantages of rapid onset and lasting longer.

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