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PE antistatic agent usage and dosage

Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016
Source: PE antistatic agent usage and dosage

Has a rapid onset, antistatic characteristics, ideal for use in the manufacture of polyolefin film and processing, safety of food-contact material, than the GMS has a unique effect, provides for at least one year of antistatic effect, half-life can be maintained under 1s, dome shape, provides a very good mobility and easiness of operation, including accurate measurement. Add the specific usage users according to the actual situation, the following content in the final product for reference:


Polyolefin film 0.05-0.3%

Thick material polyolefin 0.2-1.0%

Features editor

Good thermal stability, does not affect the processing of products.

Effects on the mechanical and optical properties of products are very small, low oil, does not affect the appearance of the film, injection molded parts and other features.

Has the characteristics of rapid onset, lasting effect.

Has a good dispersion, to product processing.

Food-grade material can be used for direct food contact packaging materials

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