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Types of antistatic agent and its properties

Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016
Source: Types of antistatic agent and its properties

Classification of antistatic agent of many, the most commonly used are classified according to chemical structure and method of use, according to the chemical structure of antistatic agents can be divided into cation, anion, amphoteric and nonionic. In accordance with antistatic agents used methods can be divided into external and added two. Is coated with antistatic agent by brush, spraying or dip coating method of coating the surface, they are quick, wide, but loss due to friction and washing. Therefore they can only provide a temporary or short-term antistatic effect. Add-type antistatic agent is added to the ingredients, which evenly dispersed in polymers, to a more permanent antistatic effect. They rub and wash, effectiveness and lasting, is a widely used antistatic agent. Between outer coating and inner-type antistatic agent, there is no bright line, are chemical compounds that can double as a dual-use. Antistatic agents for plastics is usually a surfactant, the base rate is characterized by containing hydrophilic and the oil in two groups in the same molecular structure. According to the hydrophilic groups in the molecule can be ionized, can be classified as ionic and non-ionic. Can be divided into cations in ionic and anionic and zwitterionic type.

Among them, the cationic antistatic agent and antistatic performance, heat resistance is relatively poor and harmful to the skin, so it is usually used as external coating. Anionic have good heat resistance and antistatic effect, but less compatible with the resin and have an impact on product transparency. Compatibility of non-ionic antistatic agent and heat resistance performance is good, no side effect on product properties, but relatively large amount. Amphoteric is characterized by both cationic and anionic type antistatic agent used in conjunction with similar Suns-Ionic anti-static, heat resistance than non-ionic. Polymer is not yet widely used abroad as the outer coating-type antistatic agent.

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