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Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Depending on how the use of different type antistatic agent can be divided into external and internal mixing type two. External antistatic coating is a coating on the surface of polymer materials used a type of antistatic agents. Before use with water or ethanol to be deployed into the quality score of 0, 5%~2, 0% of the solution, and then through the coating, spraying or dipping methods, such as attached to the polymer surface, and then through the antistatic coating or hot air drying at room temperature to form. Such as cationic antistatic agents, there are some gender and anion-type antistatic agent; Internal mixing type antistatic agent is defined in the processing of products added to the resin type of antistatic agents. Often adding resin and the quality of 0, 3,%~3, 0% of the antistatic agent for mechanical mixing and forming again. Such non-ionic polymer antistatic agent, anions and cations present in some varieties can also be added using. Antistatic agent in addition to polymer surfaces can be given a certain amount of lubrication, reducing the friction coefficient, suppression, and reducing the generation of static electricity, chemical composition and use different types of antistatic agents are not only in different ways, and the mechanism is different.

According to the different uses, surface activity of antistatic agents, there are two, namely, external and internal, external, and antistatic agent or local is through spraying, clean the paint or impregnation applied to polymer surfaces. This applies a variety of polymer antistatic agent for external use, but their effectiveness is only temporary, and after contact with solvents or abrasive are easy to lose. Antistatic agent used is content suitable for polymer processing. This surface activity of antistatic agent to complement was abrasion for handling static functions. Antistatic agent used in this role depends on the bloom. Blooming here means to join in resin, antistatic agent, in part, to the polymer surface in the migration process. Therefore, long-term antistatic agent used in anti-static protection.

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