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Coating Operation
Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Coating method of cleaning liquid dispensing, coating and drying of the four processes.

(1) clean the antistatic agents in order to get a uniform dense coating, paint and antistatic agents, the plastic surface must be clean, completely remove the surface dust, grease, and so on. Available around 1% of neutral detergent solution to clean. Need to be placed in a clean room to dry after cleaning.

(2) liquid with alcohol, Ester antistatic agent or water into 0.2~2% solution, solution concentration, under the prerequisite of ensuring the anti-static effect, dilute as much as possible, because of the high concentration of solution will be sticky, easy to capture dust.

(3) coated according to the shape of the product and other select coating methods, coating method are commonly used the direct method, dipping and spraying method, and so on. Direct methods are made of cotton, flannel, brush and roller tools such as antistatic liquid coating products. It is simple, effective and most widely used. Dipping products is immersed in a liquid antistatic agent, it is suitable for complex shapes or a large number of small products. Spray antistatic liquid with a spray gun is spraying on the product, it has speed, high efficiency and uniform coating and so on.

(4) the dry coating products should be fully dry, makes the coating hardened, temperature 30-40 ℃, humidity under 60–80% conditions, about need to dry for 3 hours. After drying to be placed under the natural conditions for 5 hours.

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