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External Application Of Antistatic Agent Action Mechanism
Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

This type of antistatic agent added to water, antistatic agent hydrophilic groups in the molecule is inserted in the water, and lipophilic into the air. When using this solution impregnated polymer materials, antistatic lipophilic agent molecules are adsorbed on the surface. Dipping after the dry dehydrated on the polymer surface water, antistatic agent hydrophilic groups in the molecule are arranged on the air side, easy to absorb ambient moisture, or combine with moisture in the air by hydrogen bonds to form a monomolecular conductive layer, so the static charge generated rapid leakage and antistatic purposes.

Surfactants in the mechanism of the mixed-type antistatic agent

In the process of polymer, if it contains a sufficient concentration of antistatic agent, when when the mixture is melting, antistatic agents in resin or resin and metal with air molecules (mechanical or mold) interface forms the most populated alignment, including lipophilic into resin and hydrophilic towards external resin. After curing, antistatic agent hydrophilic molecules are arranged on the air side, forming a monomolecular conductive layer. In processing and use, after stretching, rubbing and washing can lead to surface defects of the molecular layer of antistatic agent, antistatic properties also declined. But different from the outer coating-type antistatic agent, after a period of time, internal antistatic agents will continue to migrate to the surface, to restore the site, once again shows the antistatic effect. Because of these two types of antistatic agent is by absorbing environmental moisture, reducing the surface resistivity of antistatic purposes of material, so the greater dependence on humidity. Clearly, the ambient humidity is higher, stronger molecular absorbent antistatic agent and antistatic properties, the more significant.

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