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Matters Needing Attention
Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Prevent static electricity and electrostatic pros and cons of using against lot, its first harm comes from the interaction between charged bodies. In aircraft with air, moisture, friction will make the plane charged dust particles, if measures are not taken, would seriously interfere with aircraft radio equipment to work properly, turn the aircraft into the deaf and the blind; in the printing plant, electrostatic paper between the pages sticking together, it is difficult to separate and bring trouble to print; in the pharmaceutical factory. Due to the static electricity attracts dust, so not up to the standard of purity of drugs; in an electrostatic surface of the TV screen easily capture dust and oil, forming a film of dust, so reduce the clarity and brightness of the image just blend common and difficult to beat the dust from the clothes, was also static during a ghost.

Static's second largest hazards, is likely to be due to static electric spark ignited some inflammable objects and exploded. Dark nights, when we take off nylon, wool clothing, will send out sparks and "beep beep" sound, it basically harmless to the human body. But on the operating table, static sparks can cause explosion of narcotics, hurting both doctors and patients; in the coal mine, you will cause a gas explosion, will cause death and injury, mine abandonment.

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