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Non-ionic Anti Static Agent
Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Such as ethoxylated alkyl aliphatic amine represents the largest category of antistatic agents. They are widely used in polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS and other styrene polymers. Production and sales of several types of ethoxylated alkyl amine, the difference is the size of the alkyl chain length and degree of unsaturation. Ethoxylated alkyl amines is a very effective agent, even in the case of low relative humidity, and long term. This type of antistatic agents have been approved by the Federal food and drug administration, should be used for indirect contact with food items, and other commercially valuable non-ionic antistatic agent and ethoxylated alkyl acids amines, such as ethyl Laurel amine, and glycerol monostearate (GMS). Ethoxy Laurel amines applied in humidity conditions, the use of polyethylene and polypropylene, and require quick-acting long-lasting antistatic features. GMS-type antistatic agent is only used for ESD protection in the process. Despite the migration of GMS to polymer surface speed, but it's not like ethoxylated alkyl amines or acid ethoxylated alkyl amines play lasting antistatic effect.

Up to 75% can be liquid or low-melting ethoxylated alkyl limbs made concentrated masterbatch and polymer blending, the free flow of material is ball-shaped product, easy to ship and easily dispersed for the mixing. Ethoxylated alkyl amine material advantages can be summarized as follows:

(1) good dispersibility, added the predispersed material.

(2) shipment well, pellets of the free movement of products, easy to measure, easy to mix.

(3) processing performance, few in the extruder screw slippage.

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