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Structural Characteristics
Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Antistatic agents generally has the characteristics of surfactant, the structure is nonpolar and polar groups on both. Common of polar Group (that pro-water base) has: carboxylic acid, and sulfonic acid, and sulfuric acid, and phosphate of anion, amine salt, and quarter ammonium of cation, and-OH, and-O-, group, common of non-polar Group (that pro-oil base or sparse water base) has: alkyl, and n-aryl,, to formed has fiber industrial common of five species basic type of ASA, that amine of derivatives, quarter ammonium, sulfuric acid ester, and phosphate ester and poly ethylene glycol of derivatives. ASA when the coating is unavailable, the hydrophobic groups adsorbed on the surface, the outer layer to form a layer of ASA molecular layer.

When the copolymer formation of a bi-component fibers, ASA Member of the external layer is damaged, within the ASA can penetrate into the surface; ASA molecular layer of the surface has a smooth, surface coefficient of friction reduces chances to reduce static electricity, but topical ASA poor wash fastness, consider using fiber under high temperature and reactive compounds form covalent bond

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