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The Mechanism Of Polymer Antistatic Agent
Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Polymer antistatic agent is research and development of new type of antistatic agents in recent years, is a hydrophilic polymer. When the polymer blend matrix, on the one hand because of its ability to chain sports a strong, Intermolecular Proton moves through Ionic conduction to transfer and release the static charge generated; The other hand, anti-static capability is embodied by its special dispersion morphology. Research shows that polymer antistatic agent is mainly on the product surface is micro-lamellar or rib-like distribution, constitutes a conductive surface, and almost spherical distribution in the Center section, forming the so-called "core-shell", and as a channel leakage of static charge. Because polymer antistatic agent is to reduce the volume resistivity of the material for the anti-static effect, does not rely on surface water, so less affected by environmental humidity.

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