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Lin'an Yongsheng Chemical Factory | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Antistatic agent for best selection and depending on the nature of the polymer, processing, processing conditions, other auxiliary types and polymers, relative humidity, and end use. The time required to in order to get enough ability is different, antistatic protective effect builds speed and duration can be increased by increasing the concentration of antistatic agents. However, excessive use of antistatic agents can lead to slick on the surface of the finished products, to the detriment of printability or adhesion. Untreated inorganic fillers and pigments, anti-static agent molecules can be adsorbed onto their surface, so as to reduce the effects of antistatic agents. This phenomenon can be compensated for by increasing the dosage of antistatic agent. However, for those in contact with food products, amount of antistatic agents must comply with the provisions of the Federal food and Drug Administration (see "code of federal regulations, 21 (21CFR)"). (CodeofFederalRegulations,Title21(21CFR))。

When used in polyethylene, ethoxylated alkyl amine antistatic agents chosen to consider their physical forms, namely, cream, liquid, small particles or solids. Ethoxylated amines, tallow which is Pasty and can't handle, you can use the ethoxylation of liquid oil Amine. In conditions of high temperature (above 180 ℃), you can choose a phthalic amine ethoxylated stearin. If you need quick-impact ability, can use an ethoxylated Lauryl ammonium. When used with polypropylene, polyethylene with a problem similar to when to consider. No matter what kind of resin used, must take into account the Federal food and drug administration regulations about the use of limits. When used with styrene polymers, suggested the use of ethoxylated coconut amine or some kind of appropriate material.

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